Welcome to the University of Michigan Fuel Cell Control Laboratory!

Here you will find information, publications, models, and data pertaining to our research on Proton Exchange Membrane or Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) hydrogen fuel cell systems.

Our facility is located in the Phoenix Memorial Laboratory, Room 3039. The full address is:

2301 Bonisteel Ave
Ann Arbor MI 48109
Phone: (734) 764-4272

Click here for a map of the location and surrounding campus.

Our sponsors include the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, United Technologies Research Center (UTRC), and Ford Motor Company. Additional student funds have come from Toyota Motor Corp. and Hyundai Motor Company.

The below photo shows a short stack test stand. This experimental setup features a 24 cell, 300 cm2 area PEM fuel cell stack. The fuel cell stack is on the left; the similar-looking object on the right is a membrane-based humidifier used to precisely control the humidity ratio of the air entering the stack. The lines between the humidifier and stack would normally be heated to prevent condensation. A compressor stored a floor above the laboratory provides the air flow while high pressure hydrogen tanks supply the hydrogen. Voltage measurements are available for each of the 24 individual cells within the stack.

A second experimental setup within the laboratory is used for single cell testing. The single cell test stand is capable of operating under constant voltage, constant current, or constant power conditions. Focusing on a single cell allows the effects of cell-to-cell variability that are typically present in a stack to be removed.

Laboratory Contacts

Professor Anna Stefanopoulou

Jason Siegel